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tomette jauneBETTS PROJECT


Betts Project is a London-based art gallery with a focus on architecture and founded by Marie Coulon in 2014.
The concept behind Betts Project is to introduce both a specialist audience and wider public to new ways of discovering and thinking about architecture, through the exhibition and promotion of drawings, but also models and other forms of representation.

I have looked to curate, commission, uncover and research a separate genus of architectural representations that could also enter the world of the gallery. These representations are not the technical drawings generated by architects as part of the practice of their discipline, but more personal and more artful artefacts generated often as a way to stimulate ideas, or to reveal obsessions and interests, or some­times simply as a form of intellectual diversion.

Betts Project works with Pier Vittorio Aureli, Peter Märkli, Hans Josephsohn, Alexander Brodsky, Tony Fretton, Lars Lerup, CarusoStJohn, Bijoy Jain/Studio Mumbai, aDVVT, Florian Beigel + Philip Christou, Denise Scott Brown, OFFICE kgdvs, Richard Goodwin, and the Jacques Hondelatte estate.

Artistes présentés par la galerie


Florian Beigel
Alexander Brodsky
Philip Christou



100 Central St, London EC1V 8AJ, Royaume-Uni