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One could say that it is eclecticism that is the common theme of all of the gallery’s exhibitions: all of them have been subject to a rigorous selection process. Many young artists have been selected but so have some more tradi- tional ones such as Joan Hernández Pijuan, Giorgio Griffa and Susana Solano. Even though colour is our main focus, we do enjoy introducing elements of imperfection and playfulness to the gallery. And in contrast to this, we also include pieces that play with our fascination with light and space. But most of all we like being surprised by striking works and welcome those that t our personal criteria.

Solo Project Sabine Finkenauer (Rocken- hausen, Germany, 1961)

Sabine Finkenauer presents at PARÉIDOLIE an installation entitled “Wastepaper Bas- ket Cuttings” made from cut up pieces of paper.
This installation is bursting with primary colours, evoking the wastefulness of to- day’s society so accustomed to casting aside objects, feelings and people. In short, Sabine Finkenauer invites us to delve into an ephemeral and everyday world using a combination of simple and fragile materials.

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