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« PA / Plateforme de création contemporaine » (formerly named « PapelArt ») gathers skills, operational modes, and necessary tools, in a collective project that wishes to showcase emerging artists whose core creative work is based on the use of paper.
Invited for a carte blanche in 2015 by the Château de Servières, PA / Plateforme de création contemporaine comes back to Marseille for the International Contemporary Drawing Fair PARÉIDOLIE, alongside three artists: Sandra Plan- tiveau, Emilie Benoist, and Ève Pietruschi.

« The drawing, medium of predilection of the artist Sandra Plantiveau, including all its formal acceptance, here appears as a living matter, to become, between the do- cument and the work of art, research and result. »
— Anne-Lou Vicente

« Thanks to the medium of photography, Ève Pietruschi deducts abandoned pieces of urbanity or rurality : forgotten green- house, abandoned factories and sheds, neglected or deserted landscapes. She paces the streets, or rather the trails loo- king for fallow territories either natural, agricultural or industrial. The canvass, the walk conditions her gait. »
— Rebecca François

« In her early work, Emilie Benoist was fascinated by ethnology. She was ob- sessed with La Pensée Saudade from Lévi-Strauss. Then, she got interested by science and its effects on the world et en- vironment, by the degeneration of cells of the human body or by some organs like the Cellular Phantastica, known for being the place of our imaginary. Gradually and empirically, her preoccupations went from science to belief, maybe to alchemy, and have led her to deploy a special fervor in her work, a very strong consciousness beyond the world. »

— Anaël Pigeat 


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