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etHALL is a contemporary art gallery open to the public established in one of the most popular neighbourhoods of Barcelona’s city centre: the Raval. Focused in contemporary drawing in its most inclusive sense, the gallery was born with the aim of bringing contemporary art to the public with exhibitions that collect a wide range of contemporary art in this discipline.

The program involves current forms of production in the art world and that which comes from editorial publishing and comics.
After its initial opening as a non-pro t space, etHALL has established itself as a gallery and began representing artists and participating in several art fairs such as ARCOmadrid 2015 and 2016, Summa 2014, JustMad 2012, ArteSantander and Swab – where it won the prize for “Best Gallery”.
Over the ve years of operation of the space etHALL has hosted and welcomed site-speci c installations conceived by artists such as Sergio Prego, Alberto Peral, Ignacio Uriarte, Fleur Noguera and Patricio Velez as much as exhibi- tions dedicated to key authors in comics history in Spain, particularly Vázquez and Calpurnio.

etHALL ́s proposal for Pareidolie 2016 joins works by three artists: Julia Spínola, Ignacio Sáez and Martín Vitaliti. The aim of the project revolves around the idea of repetition and per- sistence, understanding it not only as the way to communi- cate something in a clearer way but also as the impossibility of determining a piece as nished(…)

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