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Founded in 1991 in Geneva, ANALIX FOREVER is in full movement and enjoys an excellent reputation as a workplace: with artists, with the boldness of its selections, and in the passion with which the artists and their works are pro- moted and defended.

For many artists, the gallery hosted their rst exhibitions outside of their own countries, such as Maurizio Cattelan, Sarah Lucas, Tracey Emin, Daria Martin, Martin Creed, Mat Collishaw, Angus Fairhurst. The gallery has also worked with various artists since the beginning of their careers, such as Vanessa Beecroft, Matt Saunders, Victor Man, Wade Guyton, Ali Kazma and Joanna Malinowska.

Analix Forever has a particular affection for video, works on paper, poetry, and unusual works of art. For over 20 years, the gallery has been committed to showing multiple practices of design: design in its “traditional” sense (drawing), and in a larger sense, design in all of its forms, disciplines, and media. The mandatory authenticity emer- ging from the humility and modesty of the artistic practice is in reality a laboratory of creation, one that the gallery seeks to protect.

Almost nothing

For Paréidolie 2016, Analix Forever proposes a minimalist exhibition of two artists: Pavlos Nikolakopoulos (Greece) and Eszter Szabó (Hungary).

Featured Artists

Eszter SZABO



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