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PAREIDOLIE* new international contemporary drawing fair in Marseille,. The first edition will take place on 30 – 31 August 2014, in the 350m2 gallery space of the Château de Servières, boulevard Boisson, 13 004 Marseille.

Continuing in the dynamic created by Marseille-Provence, European Cultural Capital, and as an extension of Art-O-Rama, Marseille’s contemporary art event, PAREIDOLIE will focus specifically on the art of drawing by inviting 10 international galleries to present a special project around this medium during the opening week of the contemporary art season in Marseille.

This Marseille variation of the art season theme will be part of the privileged art scene here, for Marseille hosts the largest number of artists in France after Paris, and is thus able to rely on a well organized network of partners, including galleries, institutions and collectors. This particular project will also mark the start of a special ‘season of drawing’ spread across the ‘Marseille expos’ network of contemporary art galleries and exhibition spaces.

For this first edition, the selection committee has included 10 European galleries with a French Swiss German and Belgian Spanish representation.

*A pareidolie (from para meaning “next to” and eidos, “appearance, form”) consists of associating a formless visual stimulus with an identifiable element. Passing clouds give rise to a variety of possible identifications – some people will see a face or an animal in them, whereas others might see nothing at all. Perception makes things visible to us, revealing recognizable forms in what is apparently formless