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The third edition of PARÉIDOLIE, international contemporary drawing fair will take place the 27 and 28 AUGUST 2016 at the Château de Servières in Marseille (FR), during the opening week of the contemporary art scene, in the southern city of France.

For this new edition, PAREIDOLIE will be presenting 14 international galleries, continuing its development while preser- ving the intimistic and friendly aspects, that made its success.

After Bernard BLISTENE (2014) and Olivier KAEPPELIN (2015) the artistic committee will be chaired this year by art histo- rian and curator Paul ARDENNE, and composed of art collectors, artists and institutional partners.

Within the space of the fair, PAREIDOLIE will offer two Carte blanche to regional structures, present the work of a guest artist, and the projection room will be curated by journalist and critic Lea Bismuth. Beside the fair, she will also present a video installation by Hiraki SAWA, throughout the elegant Grobet-Labadie museum, a wealthy collectors’s house of the XIXth century.

Thanks to partnerships with major institutions such as the FRAC Paca, museums and art centers as well as members of the Marseille Expo network, many exhibitions will take place during the so-called Drawing season, in the Marseille-Pro- vence metropole.


*A pareidolie (from para meaning “next to” and eidos, “appearance, form”) consists of associating a formless visual stimulus with an identifiable element. Passing clouds give rise to a variety of possible identifications – some people will see a face or an animal in them, whereas others might see nothing at all. Perception makes things visible to us, revealing recognizable forms in what is apparently formless


International Fair of contemporary Drawing in Marseille

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